Metabolism Boosters: Should You Take Supplements to Speed Up Your Metabolism?

Some individuals believe that their weight gain is due to their body's metabolism, which they feel is too slow. Is this the true reason for their weight gain? If so, is there a way to speed up metabolism? 

Have you experienced a similar situation? 

The concept of miracle drugs that increase metabolism and aid in weight loss may seem enticing. However, it is important to pause and consider what research has to say before blindly seeking out the best metabolism booster supplements.

How does metabolism work?

The human body is a sophisticated and intricate system comparable to a car (not literally, though!). But, at its core, metabolism acts as the engine that powers this car, converting the energy from food and drink into fuel for essential bodily functions. Every aspect of our being, from the act of breathing to the beating of our hearts, relies on this energy source.

And the best metabolism booster supplements work to enhance this metabolism so that you can achieve your weight loss goals and function at your best.

Metabolism consists of two key components: Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Thermal Effect of Activity (TEA). 

  • BMR represents the number of calories burned by the body at rest, sustaining vital functions. Factors like age, gender, muscle mass, and genetics influence BMR. 
  • On the other hand, TEA encompasses the calories expended through physical activities such as gymnastics or even a leisurely walk.

Which are scientifically proven and the best metabolism booster pills? 

  • Green tea



This old-time drink is like a power-up for your body's burn rate (even if you don’t like its taste). It has caffeine, which can nudge your calorie-burning up a bit. Plus, green tea packs in antioxidants, like catechins, that may help you burn more calories. So, adding a bit of green tea to your day might just help your metabolism get a small boost.




  • L-carnitine

This basic body building block has an interesting job in making energy. L-carnitine helps move fats into your cells, letting them be used as fuel. 

Some studies suggest that the best metabolism booster pills with L-carnitine could help you burn more fat when you work out. Nevertheless, you should chat with your doctor before trying L-carnitine, as it can mix badly with some meds.

  • Protein powders

Protein isn't just key for growing and keeping muscle, but it can also be good for your metabolism. Unlike carbs and fats, protein makes your body work harder to break it down and use it. To help with muscle recovery and maybe give your metabolism a lift, think about having a protein shake after your workout. 

It is important to keep in mind that moderation is essential, as protein is also calorie-dense.

  • Green coffee bean extract

Have you ever heard of green coffee beans? They are basically the unroasted version of regular coffee beans. They have this thing called chlorogenic acid in them, which some studies suggest could help with weight loss. 

It might be worth looking into green coffee bean extract as a potential option, but keep in mind that it's still being studied. 

If you want a more reliable option, try our herbal detox tea made with natural ingredients.

What foods are proven to boost metabolism? 

  • Spicy foods

Chili peppers taste amazing! They are filled with capsaicin which is the reason why we get a warm fuzzy feeling inside after eating something spicy. This heat, known as thermogenesis, could help boost metabolism by burning an additional few calories.

Nonetheless; spicy food doesn’t sit well with some individuals’ stomachs so be observant of how your body responds! Those who can’t tolerate it can try some of the best metabolism booster pills containing capsaicin.

  • Proteinaceous food

Proteins do more than act as building blocks for muscles; they’re also good friends with metabolism. Unlike carbohydrates or fats which only require simple breakdown before being absorbed into our bloodstream, proteins take longer to digest and absorb thus requiring more energy expenditure during this process leading to increased calorie burning capability within the system. In other words – having some chicken breast would give us a slight exercise without actually moving our bodies much.

Henceforth consume lean meats such as poultry without skin (white meat), seafood like fish rich in omega-three fatty acids EPA/DHA content; eggs complete with all essential amino acids required by humans plus legumes including beans among others for enhanced metabolic rate.

If you cannot find time to curate your protein meal, you can try our metabolism pills for weight loss.

  • Fibrous foods

Once you eat high-fiber meals like fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc., they’ll keep you feeling full for extended hours thus preventing over snacking on unhealthy snacks and taking in excess calories in general. So have plenty of those types of foods that are rich in dietary fibers which help curb hunger pangs while promoting sustained healthy eating habits!

Lifestyle changes to help you boost metabolism

In addition to making dietary adjustments, implementing certain lifestyle modifications can help improve your metabolism. 

  • Strength Training: Strength training exercises can build muscle mass, which can increase your BMR and help you burn more calories even when at rest. 
  • Stay Hydrated: Additionally, staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and herbal detox tea is essential for optimal bodily functions, including metabolism. Keeping your body well-hydrated can help it function at its best.
  • Sleep Well, Burn Well: Ensuring you get enough quality sleep is also crucial, as chronic sleep deprivation can throw your hormones in a disarray that regulate metabolism and appetite. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night to support a healthy metabolism. 

How can Mila MiAmor help you boost metabolism?

At Mila MiAmor, we value the significance of a well-functioning metabolism in promoting overall wellness. Our approach to health is holistic and comprehensive, aiming to support the body's innate ability to operate at its best. 

While we don't promise a quick-fix solution, our team of specialists is committed to crafting high-quality products that can enhance your healthy lifestyle choices. These include supplements to address any nutritional gaps, burn fat through organic fat burner, manage other health problems, or products designed to help manage stress, a key element affecting metabolism. 

Remember, you are in control! We are here to equip you with the tools and expertise required to make well-informed decisions about your well-being. We urge you to seek guidance from a healthcare provider to tailor a plan that suits your individual needs and assists you in achieving your health goals.

The Final Rev: Metabolism Matters!

Understanding the intricacies of your metabolism and incorporating these natural techniques along with the best fat loss pills can help you develop a long-lasting method for managing your weight and promoting overall wellness. 

It is important to maintain consistency in your efforts. Even small, incremental adjustments can yield significant results in the long run. Cultivating a healthy metabolism is a continuous process rather than a final goal to be reached.

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