A Complete Guide To Evil Eye Jewelry

People often have ominous feelings when they hear evil eye, like something related to evil. However misleading the evil eye may sound, it is not what many people believe; rather, it is exactly the opposite.

The origins of evil eye jewelry can be traced back to ancient civilizations. The evil eye charm is a traditional symbol that represents protection. In many cultures, the evil eye is supposed to guard against danger, evil spirits, and negativity.

You can buy evil eye jewelry online and incorporate this symbol of protection into your day-to-day life.

Looking back at the history

The evil eye is not something of recent days. It dates back around 5000 years, as early as the Upper Paleolithic Age.

Belief in the evil eye is far-reaching and ancient. It existed in ancient Rome and Greece, as well as in Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions. Also, it existed in peasant, indigenous, and other folk groups and has lasted until now.

In the recent decade, evil eye imagery has been seen most frequently in the world of fashion. 

Kim Kardashian has been pictured wearing bracelets and headpieces with the sign on multiple occasions, while fashion model Gigi Hadid jumped on the bandwagon in late 2017, announcing the debut of her EyeLove shoe brand.

What does evil eye jewelry symbolize?

The evil eye, or 'mati' in Greek, is a curse placed on the unaware and innocent by an evil look that is said to emanate bad energy out of anger or jealousy. 

Many cultures and faiths think it is a curse with demonic characteristics that will bring one terrible luck, emotional, mental, and even bodily injury and pain.

Evil eye jewelry is said to offer wisdom, peace, and protection from evil. And because no harm will befall you, it is considered that it also gives good luck.

The evil eye was not maintained just as jewelry. Due to its popularity, it was turned into numerous souvenirs and stored in various forms to protect the home and everyone who wore it. Today, many evil eye products are available.

Types of the evil eye

Whether you are a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, or have no religious ties at all, practically every human being believes in the evil that permeates the world. According to civilizations, there are three sorts of evil eyes where such things are considered seriously.

  • Unconscious evil eyes: These are evil eyes that bring harm to people and things without meaning to do so.
  • Conscious evil eyes: These have the intention of causing damage and ill luck.
  • Unseen evil eyes: These are the most harmful because they symbolize concealed evil.

Types of evil eye jewelry

You can find evil eye symbols on a wide range of jewelry, from elegant pendants to charm bracelets. Some people have their own unique style guides and choose jewelry based on them. The meaning of evil eye jewelry is the same whether you are wearing it as a bracelet, ring, necklace, rosary, anklet, or earring.  

The evil eye is no more effective on a ring than it is on a bracelet; it all depends on the wearer's tastes. You can also use an evil eye tumbler if you want. 

There is no such thing as a "wrong" method to incorporate the evil eye into your jewelry. What is important is that you are wearing it!

Should you wear evil eye jewelry on the right or left side?

When it comes to wearing evil eye jewelry, there is no differentiation between the left and right sides; each side will provide various forms of protection.

The inner emotional workings are related to the left side of your body. Are you feeling vulnerable? Wearing an evil eye bracelet or ring on your left wrist or hand helps safeguard your personal life.

Meanwhile, your right side represents material aspects of your life. Wear your evil eye jewelry on the right side if you are concerned about negativity in your profession or business prospects.

Who can wear evil eye jewelry?

Anyone, regardless of gender, age, spiritual affiliation, or emotional center, can buy evil eye jewelry online and wear it for protection. But especially children, pregnant mothers, newborn babies, and those who may be vulnerable should wear it.

As long as people think the evil eye amulet will protect them, anyone can wear it. Also, as long as you are not disregarding the meaning and beliefs behind the evil eye products, there is nothing improper with wearing it.

How to shield yourself with evil eye jewelry?

You can wear the evil eye charm on any piece of jewelry, including necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. It is also popular in keychain amulets or buttons, as well as a featured symbol on various rosaries and other religious products. 

You can find the evil eye in many products you can carry with you, whether an evil eye tumbler or a rosary. This symbol provides protection all the time. You never know when someone may try to give you the evil eye.

Should you take precautions while wearing evil eye jewelry?

Using caution while attempting to wear a jewelry piece connected with such great belief and potency is practical. Many people have questions because of the beliefs surrounding evil eye products, which must be answered. The most significant is whether you can purchase evil eye jewelry for yourself.

There is a myth that the power of the evil eye amulet grows if someone who is sincerely concerned about your safety buys it for you.

However, this does not mean you cannot buy evil eye jewelry online for yourself. It simply indicates that you may not be able to access the full power of the jewelry piece.

Final word!

Timeless principles and practices associated with evil eye culture can actually give fresh insights about how others can send negative energy our way and affect our well-being.

Wearing evil eye jewelry like a bracelet or rosary can connect you to old defensive practices, giving you amazing strength and confidence in your daily life. But when you buy evil eye products online, make sure to buy from a reputed site.

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